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OMG, YES! This is a kick ass piece of art! Nora being queen of the castle and Mad King being… well, the king, they are a force to be re...

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RWBY LawBreakers Chatpter 3
W.O.L.F. Artificial Intelligence initialized, previous chapter analysis: Chapter 2

Ruby Rose returns to active duty leading the Silver Dragons in a successful mission against the Resurgence. Ruby prevailed in her fight against Weiss. The rest of the Resurgence was arrested for their crimes. However, in the rebuilt Neo Kuroyrui, a new threat rises… the Black Wing.


Anna Kaa Prison 
23:23 Vacuo Time
187 days since The Shift.
"Welcome to hell." Weiss sighed.
The prisoner transport lands on a island twelve miles from the iconic Shade Academy. On there, lies nothing but a prison standing as tall as Beacon Academy and as large as it as well. As Weiss gets out, she sees the prison. 
"So, this is Anna Kaa Prison, huh?" She muttered.
As the guards take the prisoners to their cells, Weiss sees her own cell and enters. She sits down at the bed and sees a window and looks at it. 
"Come on Velvet, don't fail us now."
:iconnextgen2015:Nextgen2015 1 0
RWBY LawBreakers AU Chapter 2
W.O.L.F. Artificial Intelligence initialized, previous chapter analysis: Chapter 1

After being freed by Cinder Fall after her three month solitude in ice, Ruby Rose returns to the Sliver Dragons in a big surprise. During her three month solitude, General Ironwood has been killed by the Resurgence. Now, she must avenge him, no matter what the cost. With a super soldier serum injected into her and new gadgets at her disposal, she is armed and ready for round two.

WARNING: This chapter of RWBY LawBreakers AU shows people shaking babies. This story doesn't condone shaking babies… at all. Do not shake your baby… ever.


Schnee Manor
21:27 Atlas Time
186 days since The Shift
It is a quiet evening at Schnee Manor as a dinner meeting is taking place. As Weiss and Winter, representing the Resurgence, sit down at their assigned seats, they begin to greet the guests. As Tyrian Callows walks in to the dining roo
:iconnextgen2015:Nextgen2015 3 0
RWBY LawBreakers AU Chapter 1
W.O.L.F. Artificial Intelligence initialized, previous chapter analysis: Prologue
Six months ago, The Shift, a cataclysmic event that shook Remnant occurred. It all started when a giant meteor crashed into the moon and sent a few chunks of it straight to the planet's atmosphere. As time went on, the Huntsman Academies were disbanded, peacekeeping organizations took their place and Breakers rose from the shadows. Team RYNR of the Silver Dragons went to ambush the Resurgence at Schnee Manor. However it failed, leaving the disappearance of Ruby Rose in its wake. She is still missing to this day.

Atlas Coast
09:25 Atlas Time
185 days since The Shift
An iceberg floats on the ocean undisturbed. In it is a young girl, who was thought dead by the world. Suddenly, a helicopter flew over and picked it up with a claw, reeling it into the cargo bay.
Eternal Flame Headquarters
19:00 Mistral Time
The iceberg has fully melted freeing the teenager from its three month solitude
:iconnextgen2015:Nextgen2015 3 0
Mature content
RWBY LawBreakers AU Prolouge :iconnextgen2015:Nextgen2015 2 0
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W.O.L.F. Artificial Intelligence initialized, previous chapter analysis: Chapter 2

Ruby Rose returns to active duty leading the Silver Dragons in a successful mission against the Resurgence. Ruby prevailed in her fight against Weiss. The rest of the Resurgence was arrested for their crimes. However, in the rebuilt Neo Kuroyrui, a new threat rises… the Black Wing.


Anna Kaa Prison 
23:23 Vacuo Time
187 days since The Shift.

"Welcome to hell." Weiss sighed.

The prisoner transport lands on a island twelve miles from the iconic Shade Academy. On there, lies nothing but a prison standing as tall as Beacon Academy and as large as it as well. As Weiss gets out, she sees the prison. 

"So, this is Anna Kaa Prison, huh?" She muttered.

As the guards take the prisoners to their cells, Weiss sees her own cell and enters. She sits down at the bed and sees a window and looks at it. 

"Come on Velvet, don't fail us now." She whispered.

She looks back at her cell door, which is locked. She shakes the door and tries to talk to someone.

"Go to sleep, you damned scoundrel!" One of the guards yelled.

Weiss then heads to bed and goes to sleep.

Geoff and Griffin's Pizza
11:45 Vale Time
188 days since The Shift

The Silver Dragons are celebrating a job well done.

"Hoo-ah!" The group cheered as they toasted.

"Man, that was the best! Weiss didn't see what hit her." Ruby smiled.

"Yeah, she's now rotting her ass in prison!" Yang responded.

The two sisters fist bumped each other.

"Boomshakalaka!" They chanted.

"Man, taking on those Breakers reminds me of the good old days at Beacon." Nora said.

"I get it now… but you breaking Cardin's legs was sick!" Ren mentioned as he gave a high five to Nora.

"Ms. Nikos, what part of 'save me a slice' don't you understand?" A person at the table next to them yelled.

The group looked at the table.

"Ms. Fall! What are you doing here?" Ruby asked.

"Having lunch with pig-face over here." Cinder replied pointing to Pyrrha.

"Hello, everyone!" Pyrrha cheered.

Voice match, Pyrrha Nikos AKA "Raptor"
Once chosen to be the Fall Maiden by Ozpin, she is a valiant fighter. Once the mentor to Jaune, she is proficient on taking on any threat in her way. In the Battle against Salem, she lost her left arm. Fearing that she will be in danger in the future, she retired. Cinder chose her to become a member of the Eternal Fire because of her bravery, and since then, she obtained a new cybernetic left arm and rejoined the fight.

"Pyrrha!" The group said.

"It has been a long time." She responded.

Everyone gave Pyrrha a handshake. As Yang came to shake her hand, Cinder saw her cursed hand.

"Ms. Xiao Long, we can help you cure your mutation so you can be a normal human being once again." She offered.

"Thanks, but I chose to keep it as a gift. A reminder of how much the Grimm caused chaos to our world." Yang commented.

"I see." Pyrrha noted. "So how's everything?"

"We managed to arrest the Resurgence." Ruby answered. 

"Good work. Ironwood would be proud of you all." Cinder smiled.

The whole group laughed as the two teams begin to interact with each other. Then suddenly, an explosion goes off a few blocks from the parlor. Everyone notices the explosion.

"It's the Vulture Legion. They know we are here." W.O.L.F. informed.

The group heads outside and sees the fire and smoke from yards away. Everyone but Cinder ran to the explosion site.

"I'll take a salad to go." She said.

At the explosion site, one of the figures in the smoke walks towards the group. It aims a rocket launcher at them.

"Cardin." Yang hissed.

Cardin aims at Yang. She begins to run towards him. Ruby aims at him preparing to kill him. He then fires a rocket at Yang. As it heads towards her, she prepares to block it. However, it stopped in midair. Yang, Cardin and Ruby looked in shock.

"Penny?" Ruby gasped.

The figure holding the rocket revealed herself: Penny Polendina, first lieutenant of the Eternal Fire.

"This bomb's for you." Penny chortled.

Voice match, Penny Polendina AKA "Blockade"
One of the first androids to have a semblance, Penny is artificial intelligence and robotics to the next level. After The Shift, she managed to become one of the prototypes of the Atlesian Knight-250. Believing that her skills to be useful, Cinder Fall recruited her in the Eternal Fire. Amazingly, she is the epitome of modern robotics and cybernetics in Remnant.

She then rows the rocket at Cardin like a football. It hits the ground and blasts Cardin a few meters and stuns him. However when he bounced off the ground, he and his rocket launcher began to float in zero gravity. He grabbed it and preformed a rocket jump and then propelled himself back to the group by firing another rocket behind him. Yang and Penny see him coming and they run towards him. As Cardin pulls out his mace, he slams it to the ground causing the two to dodge the attack. As the three enter the zero gravity zone, Yang floats like a plastic bag drifting through the wind.

"If only I brought Ember Celica." She whispered.

Yang then sees her getting shot by a quick laser. She screamed in pain and Cardin sees his chance. He then jumps on him and throws her down to the ground and slammed his mace down at her chest. She then coughed up blood and looked up at him.

"I got one more thing to say, freak: fear the killer that chooses only to smile." Cardin grinned.

As he prepares to finish Yang off, Penny then taps on his shoulder. He looks around and sees nothing. But as he turns back, Penny punches him and send him flying. Penny smiles helps Yang up.

"Thanks." She thanked.

"You are welcome, Yang." Penny retorted.

Suddenly, news reporters arrive on the scene and begin covering the carnage. The first team to arrive on the scene is Vale News Network, along with their hot new reporter, Ilia Amitola.

"You are looking live at a battle between Silver Dragon agent Yang Xiao Long, Eternal Fire First Lieutenant Penny Polendina and Vulture Legion members Cardin Winchester and May Zedong. Recently, a explosion went off here. The source of the explosion is unknown, but sources say it's a pipe bomb." She reported.

Back at the battlefield, Yang ran towards Cardin. He sees her coming and he jumps off grabbing his floating rocket launcher. He then aimed and fired at her. Yang dodged the rocket and comes in with both her fists surrounded in electricity. Cardin sees this coming and leaps back on the ground. He then ran at her activating his electric gauntlets.

"Bring it on!" He yelled.

Then the two jumped at the same time with their electric surrounded fists ready to punch each other. Yang then shoots lightning out of her fingertips and makes Carding lose his grip on the rocket launcher. Then, she punched him knocking him out. Yang then snags the rocket launcher from the defeated Cardin. May saw this and fired at her. Yang fired back at her but misses.

"Ruby… AGH! … we need backup!" She contacted.

"On it!" Ruby retorted.

Ruby jumps into the fight and on top of a building near the explosion site. Ruby sees May atop a balcony of a hotel. She then propels herself to the sky and sees her. May then shoots her, causing her to fall. Yang then propelled herself with the the rocket launcher and helped her sister. 

"Ruby, your superpower. Do it now!" Cinder chimed in.

Ruby nodded her head.

"Stay back Yang, you don't know what I'm capable of." Ruby informed her sister.

Then, as Ruby charged up for her ability she discovered, someone threw a grenade at her. As it explodes, it stuns her. May looks at the person who threw the grenade. It was Black Wing member Emerald Sustrai.

"Glad to be of assistance." She said.

Voice match, Emerald Sustrai AKA "Jaguar", parsing, too many Grid social queries, distilling information.
A master their before and after The Shift, Emerald is a epitome of herself and other thieves. A former member of Cinder's team, she vows vengeance against her when she founded the Eternal Fire. She is no slouch in fighting, having fought Cinder herself and Silver Dragon Lie Ren. Over the months after The Shift, she turned to cybernetic enhancements, drugs and for some reason, a jingle for a plumbing company, to enhance her abilities.

She then throws a metal ball at Cardin and he catches it.

"Ha!" He laughed. "We are playing basketball with this piece of-"

"Annyeong!" The ball, which turns to be a robot greeted.

"Ah, what the fuck?!" Cardin screamed as he dropped the robot. It rebalances itself by floating in midair.

"Hi! I am Orbicular Robotic Friend, you can call me ORF for short." The robot continued.

It's face begins to turn on. As it does so, it looks around and sees the six of them.

"It appears this would be a good time for a pickup game of Blitzball!" It joyfully chimed in.

"Wait, what?" Ruby asked confused.

"Ugh…" It groaned.

"Sorry little guy, but what's this game all about?" She continued.

"The team that scores the most goals wins, kinda like soccer and rugby, but in zero gravity." It responded.

"Now I get it!" She cheered. 

"Let's make it quick. First goal wins." Emerald requested.

"Deal." It accepted.

As the team's get a few yards away from ORF, she begins to count down.

"Three… two… one… LET'S GET IT ON!" It yelled.

The teams ran to it and as they jumped, Ruby snagged ORF and jetted away from the group.

"The goal is ten and a half yards away, keep going!" It said.

She begins to run forward, but the Breakers begin to follow. However as she leaves the zero gravity zone, she sees the ship.


"What are you talking about?" She questioned.

"Your team wins!" It awnsered.

"Woohoo!" Yang cheered.

"Amazing!" Penny complimented.

"Thanks for the support, but look what I found!" Ruby responded pointing to the ship.

"Hey, that used to be ours!" Yang mentioned as she turned back to the Breakers.

"Well, uh… Winter gave that to us." Cardin choked nervously.

"For your crimes against Remnant, you three are under arrest." Penny informed as she, Yang and Ruby revealed their badges.

"Wait, what?" He questioned.

The rest of the group comes to them along with a few AK-250s. As they arrest them, Ilia approached them.

"Ruby Rose in the flesh!" She claimed.

"Uh… yeah, that's me. Who are you?" Ruby insisted.

"Ilia Amitola reporter for VNN. Also, I'm a agent for the Skywatchers." Ilia described as she showed her badge. "Codename: Panther."

"We still need to figure out what caused the explosion." Yang suggested.

"Affirmative." Ilia responded.

The three run to the explosion site. There, they see the fire and smoke at the spot. Ilia took a fire extinguisher and put out the fires so that they can progress. Yang moved the rubble out of the way for her and Ruby. As the three approach the smoking object, Yang picked it up.

"A rice cooker?" They blurted.

"Ilia, copter's leaving in five!" The pilot informed.

"Okay!" She replied. "Sorry, have to go. My shift's over in a few hours."

"I hear you, work first, then friends." Yang assured.

Ilia left the two sisters as they head back to the group.

Belladonna Residence
16:56 Vacuo Time

At the Belladonna residence, Ghira Belladonna, the founder of the Skywatchers, is having a conversation with a acclaimed mixed martial artist.

"As I was saying, you would be a excellent fit with the Skywatchers!" He retorted.

"Why's that, to fight for justice?" She questioned.

"Yes, and to ensure that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, Faunuses included." His wife, Kali, awnsered.

"Freedom, huh?" She said as she came to the light. "Count me in."

Mission report complete. Uploading data to the-


Okay, that was weird. Resuming upload to the Grid. Upload complete. W.O.L.F. out.
RWBY LawBreakers Chatpter 3
In this chapter, Pyrrha joins the fray! For all of you Pyrrha fans and Arkos shippers, thank me! Thank me for sparing Pyrrha Nikos! Anyway, this chapter takes a nod to a game mode from LawBreakers itself, Blitzball! In this story, the ball sounds like D. Va from Overwatch. Also, get ready for what's to come next chapter!

RWBY © Rooster Teeth Productions
LawBreakers © Boss Key Productions
I had two options, Transformers: The Last Knight or this. My sister requested me to see this with my family on my birthday. Well, I just did that. Now, back to Spider-Man.

Spoderman: Hello, I am-


S: Wait, pls. Stahp.

N: Sorry, about that Spoderman. 

S: U R A fagit. But it is ok.

N: I was doing a review of Spider-Man Homecoming but-

S: I want 2 help.

N: Be my guest.

Now where was I? Oh yes, Spider-Man! His films were good, bad and ugly. From the praise of Spider-Man 1 and 2 to the absolute helhole that is Spider-Man 3, he's been through it all! Now, with him in the MCU thanks to Tom Holland and Captain America: Civil War, he's ready to be a part of the team that would force Michael Bay to retire!

S: Sick burn!

N: Indeed.

With Spider-Man Homecoming, will Holland be the critically acclaimed Spider-Man that Toby McGuire once was, or another Andrew Garfield? 


N: Thanks.

Underoos (Holland) still kicks the Spider-Man role in high gear. I mean, it's all about him. But the one that sticks out to me is Michael Keaton's Vulture!

S: Y?

N: You'll see.

Now before you say, "Ugh, Loki is the only good villain in the MCU.", I'll say this. Keaton played Batman. Hell, he rocked the bad guy role so well, Hiddleston is quaking in his boots. Also, Michael Keaton, for your roles as Chick Hicks in Cars and Vulture in this film, welcome to the Green Clad Villain Hall of Fame.

S: Can I naem a few moar memburs?

N: Sure.

S: Lex Luthor, Riddler, Tommy Oliver…

N: Even though he became a good guy after Jason defeated him.

S: The Joker, no. Poison Ivy, yes. The Constucticons. Emerald Sustrai.

Moving on, why the hell is Zendaya in this film? Well good news, bad news. Good news is that Peter has a love interest. Bad news is, it ain't Gwen Stacy. Never was a big fan on the comedic relief, but IMO, Holland is the comedic relief. Also, RDJ was in there, meh. Happy Hogan nails it, Aunt May nails it, the rest of the cast nails it.

Score: 9/10

I love this take on Spider-Man. It is what studios do when minds think alike! Sony and Marvel Studios were phenomenal on bringing the web-slinger to life. The action, the references, the… Lego Death Star? If you ask me, that references Disney buying Lucasfilm in 2012. Anyway, Honecoming is turning out to be my favorite film in 2017.

S: You pissed of someone.

N: Wait, what? Shit, don't let him read this!

Score: 10/10

S: The story of this film is top notch.

N: You said it!

As Spoderman was saying, I loved the story. It's a story of having two lives in one. Consider this like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Peter Parker, being both a high school genius and super hero, means he has his hands full. From fighting Vulture to succeeding in classes to become exempt on final exams, he's been through it all!

S: I luv it.

N: So do I!

The woe is that Stark thing Peter had, I am so confused on that.

Score: 9/10

S: Homecuming is by far better than any movie ever. It swung from Sony's dick to a balla in da MCU.

N: You thought that up?

S: Yus.

N: Sweet, high five!

(High five)

Score: 9.5/10 Outstanding!

For Spoderman, this is :iconnextgen2015: signing off!


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William Aguon
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United States
The creator of RWBY Transformers, Yang Kills the RWBY Universe and Transformers: Into the Nexus.

"Never stop fighting for what you believe in." -Ana Amari



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